Why so many contractors choose to work with us

Why so many contractors choose to work with us

Why so many contractors choose to work with us

“Every day is a bit different; you meet new people and have the opportunity to support people in their own homes. As some clients don’t see many people, it is so nice to support them and to help our community.”

Amanda Cobain, Contractor

Amanda was one of the many contractors that joined us last year after she decided to have a change in career. After having a successful business with a cake and coffee van called Mobile Cake Love (sounds divine!) she was drawn towards a career in providing home care services to older members of our community.

So why did she choose to become a contractor for Country Home Services?

Like so many others, it is what we offer our contractors that make working for us so attractive. For Amanda, she chose to contract with us because:

  • The work is close to home,
  • Country Home Services made her feel welcome and supported,
  • It provided the type of flexibility that gives her the opportunity to work within school hours.

She also shared with us:

“Being a contractor is rewarding because I enjoy visiting clients. The friendships you form give you a wonderful feeling because you know you are making their life easier. Plus, I enjoy their conversation and having a few laughs over a cup of tea.”

Amanda lives in the Barossa and provides services to Gawler, Hewitt, and across the Barossa. She provides services such as Personal Care, Social Support, Transport, and Domestic Assistance.

The power of choosing kind workers

The power of choosing kind workers

HomeMaid Helpers : The power of choosing kind workers

HomeMaid Helpers is a business that does a lot of work contracting for us in the Barossa and the surrounding areas. Last week, we got the chance to interview Katie, the owner of HomeMaid Helpers, and find out a little more about her business and the fantastic work they do for our clients.

Katie started HomeMaid Helpers at the end of 2017, and what began as a small business for Katie, soon grew to a business that now has 16 staff and they are still recruiting to grow the business even further.

They offer a range of services that include Domestic Assistance, Personal Care, and Social Support, and about 60% of the work they do is for both Aged Care and NDIS clients, while the remaining work is cleaning for private clients and the many B&B places around the Barossa Valley.

However, it is the approach they have when hiring staff for their business that we admire most. Their aim is to find nice people who can interact with others and they are a firm believer in giving people a chance to gain experience in this industry, as they are happy to train them. Especially when they are hiring staff to suit Aged Care or NDIS clients, it is more important that their staff can connect with clients than it is to have lots of experience on their resume. Katie is very much aware that often the clients in our industry need a contractor who is kind and can create a conversation with them as sometimes the contractor is the only social interaction, they might have that day or even week.

I asked Katie what the most rewarding thing about HomeMaid Helpers contracting for us and she replied “The most rewarding thing is seeing our staff connect to our clients. They go above and beyond in the care of their clients. They really do care for these people, and it shows in the notes and calls of appreciation from the clients themselves.”

You are never too old to start a new career

You are never too old to start a new career

You are never too old to start a new career.

Meet Lee.

Lee is one of our newest contractors and at 62, she has discovered a new career in delivery services to our clients.

Lee had spent the last 21 years working in the hardware industry – a role that often included training staff which she enjoyed. After seeing our ad for new contractors, she decided that a change in employment at this point in her life would be a positive step.

Change isn’t easy for so many of us, but after caring for her elderly father for 10 years, she felt that she could really help our clients in this new role. Still, it took a bit to get used to but Lee shared this with us.

The day I walked into the Country Home Services office, I could feel a positive atmosphere straight away. It’s been quite refreshing to be able to work for an organization and have such good communication and I really appreciate the way I was welcomed. I respect people and I expect the same, and it’s lovely to have this at Country Home Services.”

She also shared this via email—

Hi! Just emailing each person that I have met so far in my new role – to thank each of you for all of the support that you have extended to me in recent weeks! Sara, Trudy, Shona, Tammy, Denise, and Heather. I really appreciate it! I acknowledge that I am new and that I will make errors and have new things to learn – discover. Please know that I am willing to learn and I have been seeking an environment that provides a positive experience working with beautiful people!  I think that I have found this. I’m sure with patience and encouragement I will enjoy this role! Lee

We are just as glad to have found Lee and her clients have already taken to her. Lee provides social support activities such as going on a slow walk with one client each week and spending time with another client, who has Parkinson’s, while their wife has some respite.

So if you are looking for a career change, even later in life then consider contracting with us.