A chair changing a life

A chair changing a life

Susan sat in her brand-new electric wheelchair, a smile stretching across her face as she watched her friends stroll alongside her. It was a moment she never thought she would experience again. After six long years, she was finally able to join them for a walk, thanks to the help of Country Home Services.

When Susan’s mobility started deteriorating, her friends would invite her for walks, but she couldn’t keep up with them using her regular wheelchair. It was a daily struggle, and the feeling of exclusion weighed heavily on her. Until now.

Through her Home Care Package, Country Home Services supported Susan to purchase an electric wheelchair, along with a specially designed crane in her car to lift it up effortlessly.  The newfound independence brought immense relief and joy to Susan. She was no longer reliant on her friends to attend her weekly swimming sessions. With a simple touch, her electric wheelchair was ready, empowering her to head to the pool on her own. “I am happier today than I have been for a VERY long time,” Susan expressed, her voice filled with gratitude.

A new wheelchair provides more than practical assistance; Susan has a renewed sense of purpose and belonging. No longer does she feel isolated or burdened with worries about her mobility. She said she is, “one of the girls again,” able to accept invitations and participate in activities without hesitation. “It was always a pipe dream that I never expected to happen. But you made it happen!” she told her co-ordinator, Tammy.

Susan couldn’t have been more grateful for her co-ordinator and the exceptional care she has received. “I am so very pleased I picked Country Home Services and doubly lucky that Tammy became my case worker,” Susan remarked with a heartfelt appreciation.

As Susan begins to enjoy activities with her friends again, the kindness and support she feels she received has breathed new life into her world, and she is determined to make the most of it.

Supporting each step of the way

Supporting each step of the way

Supporting each step of the way

Life can throw unexpected events at us. When that happens, our needs sometimes change. It’s reassuring to know support is available.

When Creina initially joined CHS, she received cleaning support for those tougher jobs around the home through the Commonwealth Home Support Program.

However, Creina had a fall and broke her hip. She needed intense rehabilitation involving physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. Her Country Home Services coordinator Shona supported Creina to be reassessed by My Aged Care. This meant Creina could access additional resources to help with her rehabilitation process.

“Shona was a gem. She has gone above and beyond to meet my needs. The process was seamless.”

Shona connected Creina with Country Home Services contractor Lissie. Lissie provided transportation and social support. Through her previous work, Lissie had a good understanding of water safety and helped to build Creina’s confidence through her rehabilitation.

As Creina’s needs changed, she moved from a Commonwealth Home Support Program to a Home Care Package. This enabled her to access more services, support, and products.

A battery backup for her electric chair, and Lite n’ Easy meals, have empowered Creina and supported an improvement in her quality of life.

A recent bushfire nearby Creina’s home shut the power off. The battery backup enabled the electric chair to be positioned for comfort and ease of exit if needed. Additionally, it came in handy to power a fan. Creina explained, “Having access to power backup was a godsend as I am terrible in the heat. It was worth its weight in gold that day.”

Creina said it’s also been valuable to have access to subsidised Lite n’ Easy meals through her Home Care Package. Pre-prepared, healthy meals mean Creina is taking care of herself, without putting physical strain on her body.

“The meals are so nice and it’s all so easy. They are very filling and it’s great to not have the stress of cooking.”

We are grateful to be able to support clients like Creina on their journey.

If you would like to know more about how we can support your journey, we’d love to talk with you! You can reach us on 1300 773 202.

How a piece of equipment can improve your quality of life 

How a piece of equipment can improve your quality of life 

How a piece of equipment can improve your quality of life

There are so many ways a Home Care Package can help you as it gives access to a wide range of services, however, for Marie, it was the equipment you can purchase through a Home Care Package that can make a valuable difference.

Marie joined us on a Home Care Package a couple of years ago after experiencing a stroke. Since then, she has needed a CPAP machine to assist with her breathing while she sleeps.

Through her Home Care Package, we were able to assist her with the purchase of her CPAP machine, which has made such a difference in her well-being. Her husband David, commented, “She looks better, sounds better, and is sleeping better.”  Marie’s Country Home Services advisor Vonny shared, “She was looking so good at her review, and she has really improved since using the CPAP machine.”

Marie enthused, “I have more energy where I can do more around the house, including a bit of laundry and even some cooking. It’s great as it means that David doesn’t have to do it all.”

However, despite the benefits of the CPAP machine, when David and Marie went traveling, it became an awkward item; there was no guarantee there would be a power point close to the bed at their accommodation.

Again, her Home Care Package helped. We supported her with the purchase of a portable battery pack. This not only helps Marie while she is traveling but also is an important aid should there be a power outage at her home.

“I find the services very good, when I first came home, I couldn’t do anything so the services were great to be able to fill in where I couldn’t manage.”


This has added to her independence, as she can travel knowing that she will wake up feeling good after having a peaceful night’s sleep with her CPAP machine.

But this isn’t all. To increase her independence even further, Marie’s Home Care Package was also able to purchase an All-terrain lightweight mobility scooter. If fits perfectly into the boot of a car, enabling Marie and David to visit the country field days.

How could a Home Care Package assist you in gaining your independence again?

Contact us to find out more 

Support to stay connected with things you enjoy

Support to stay connected with things you enjoy

Support to stay connected to things you enjoy

Janet is a fan of live theatre productions. She has supported many local amateur theatre productions and has often organised a bus to take groups from the Vines Retirement Village to productions.

When asked about other productions she has enjoyed, she mentioned the Ballet Anna Karenina, however her overall favourite production was Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility.

Last year, through her Home Care Package, we were able to continue to support Janet and her love of the theatre, as she was able to see the Appleton Ladies Potato Race with her contractor.

We’re pleased we could support Janet to keep her connection to things which energise and inspire her!


Wellbeing and Gardening

Wellbeing and Gardening

Wellbeing and Gardening

“At my old place,” reminisced Bill, “I used to have a beautiful garden. I grew things in tractor or truck tyres.”

Bill wanted a garden again but didn’t think it was possible because he could no longer bend down. He spoke with his Home Care Package coordinator, Tammy. Tammy saw an opportunity to empower Bill and assist him to stay connected with gardening.

She worked with Bill to create waist-high raised garden beds, shaded areas, and an outdoor shelter for propagation. Bill said his new garden has transformed his daily life. “I’m in the garden every day. It keeps me fit; my aches and pains go away. I can focus on the garden and nothing else matters.”

There is energy in his voice when Bill speaks about the growth in his garden, “I have a good variety of crops and grow more than I need.” Bill shares his fresh produce with neighbours and friends. He finds it satisfying to see their enjoyment in the food he’s grown.

Tammy said working with Bill and finding ways to support his wellbeing through gardening has been rewarding, “His smiles speak volumes, and his enthusiasm is inspirational.” 

How a Home Care Package is making life easier

How a Home Care Package is making life easier

Pamela has been with Country Home Services for several years now and is enjoying the benefits of her Home Care Package. With a Country Home Services Home Care Package, Pamela has not only been able to receive regular services to help her around her home but her package was also able to fund her new electric bed (which in her words is “Brilliant!”) and a new electric recliner.

After a few injuries and operations, Pamela has limited movement, so these new additions, along with her home care services, have really made her life easier. Pamela’s package also funds a regular visit by a massage therapist which also makes a difference.

In Pamela’s words “I would recommend this service to anybody as I don’t know how I would manage without it. You can’t rely on neighbours and family all the time, although I do have great neighbours and family, having the support of these services is invaluable.”

“The girls that provide my care are angels walking and the gardener is a gem. I cannot fault anything.”