You are never too old to start a new career.

Meet Lee.

Lee is one of our newest contractors and at 62, she has discovered a new career in delivery services to our clients.

Lee had spent the last 21 years working in the hardware industry – a role that often included training staff which she enjoyed. After seeing our ad for new contractors, she decided that a change in employment at this point in her life would be a positive step.

Change isn’t easy for so many of us, but after caring for her elderly father for 10 years, she felt that she could really help our clients in this new role. Still, it took a bit to get used to but Lee shared this with us.

The day I walked into the Country Home Services office, I could feel a positive atmosphere straight away. It’s been quite refreshing to be able to work for an organization and have such good communication and I really appreciate the way I was welcomed. I respect people and I expect the same, and it’s lovely to have this at Country Home Services.”

She also shared this via email—

Hi! Just emailing each person that I have met so far in my new role – to thank each of you for all of the support that you have extended to me in recent weeks! Sara, Trudy, Shona, Tammy, Denise, and Heather. I really appreciate it! I acknowledge that I am new and that I will make errors and have new things to learn – discover. Please know that I am willing to learn and I have been seeking an environment that provides a positive experience working with beautiful people!  I think that I have found this. I’m sure with patience and encouragement I will enjoy this role! Lee

We are just as glad to have found Lee and her clients have already taken to her. Lee provides social support activities such as going on a slow walk with one client each week and spending time with another client, who has Parkinson’s, while their wife has some respite.

So if you are looking for a career change, even later in life then consider contracting with us.