Supporting each step of the way

Supporting each step of the way

Supporting each step of the way

Life can throw unexpected events at us. When that happens, our needs sometimes change. It’s reassuring to know support is available.

When Creina initially joined CHS, she received cleaning support for those tougher jobs around the home through the Commonwealth Home Support Program.

However, Creina had a fall and broke her hip. She needed intense rehabilitation involving physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. Her Country Home Services coordinator Shona supported Creina to be reassessed by My Aged Care. This meant Creina could access additional resources to help with her rehabilitation process.

“Shona was a gem. She has gone above and beyond to meet my needs. The process was seamless.”

Shona connected Creina with Country Home Services contractor Lissie. Lissie provided transportation and social support. Through her previous work, Lissie had a good understanding of water safety and helped to build Creina’s confidence through her rehabilitation.

As Creina’s needs changed, she moved from a Commonwealth Home Support Program to a Home Care Package. This enabled her to access more services, support, and products.

A battery backup for her electric chair, and Lite n’ Easy meals, have empowered Creina and supported an improvement in her quality of life.

A recent bushfire nearby Creina’s home shut the power off. The battery backup enabled the electric chair to be positioned for comfort and ease of exit if needed. Additionally, it came in handy to power a fan. Creina explained, “Having access to power backup was a godsend as I am terrible in the heat. It was worth its weight in gold that day.”

Creina said it’s also been valuable to have access to subsidised Lite n’ Easy meals through her Home Care Package. Pre-prepared, healthy meals mean Creina is taking care of herself, without putting physical strain on her body.

“The meals are so nice and it’s all so easy. They are very filling and it’s great to not have the stress of cooking.”

We are grateful to be able to support clients like Creina on their journey.

If you would like to know more about how we can support your journey, we’d love to talk with you! You can reach us on 1300 773 202.

Inclusion and connection through craft

Inclusion and connection through craft

Inclusion and connection through craft

The Avon Art & Craft Guild provides a local social and mental health outlet for the community within the district, and it is these community groups that we are more than happy to support through our CHS Community Grant Program.

The craft club is open each Tuesday 10am to 3pm and whilst open to all ages, the members are aged between 60 and 80 years with some attendees being 90 +.

The quiet rural open space atmosphere provides a safe place for people to attend. It gives people the opportunity to share a conversation, join in activities, or just sit and have a cuppa. Their group enjoys working with wool and they also recycle objects within other types of craft. They often do something special on themed holidays and do a big display at Christmas and invite other community groups to see it.

Whilst the Craft Hall is a community-owned hall, there are no other amenities available in Avon, so they very much appreciated the assistance of our grant program.

The grant has gone towards the purchase of chairs with arms to support those members with Parkinsons, high-rise toilet seats, and grab rails for both ladies and men’s toilets, and also at entry points of both toilets and craft hall.

These small changes alone, make such a big difference to their members, providing a more comfortable and safer space.

We admire the work these small groups do, as in many cases their dedication and thoughtfulness keep their community thriving.

If you are part of a volunteer group in our country communities, then please take a look at our CHS Community Grant Program as we would love to help support you.