How a piece of equipment can improve your quality of life

There are so many ways a Home Care Package can help you as it gives access to a wide range of services, however, for Marie, it was the equipment you can purchase through a Home Care Package that can make a valuable difference.

Marie joined us on a Home Care Package a couple of years ago after experiencing a stroke. Since then, she has needed a CPAP machine to assist with her breathing while she sleeps.

Through her Home Care Package, we were able to assist her with the purchase of her CPAP machine, which has made such a difference in her well-being. Her husband David, commented, “She looks better, sounds better, and is sleeping better.”  Marie’s Country Home Services advisor Vonny shared, “She was looking so good at her review, and she has really improved since using the CPAP machine.”

Marie enthused, “I have more energy where I can do more around the house, including a bit of laundry and even some cooking. It’s great as it means that David doesn’t have to do it all.”

However, despite the benefits of the CPAP machine, when David and Marie went traveling, it became an awkward item; there was no guarantee there would be a power point close to the bed at their accommodation.

Again, her Home Care Package helped. We supported her with the purchase of a portable battery pack. This not only helps Marie while she is traveling but also is an important aid should there be a power outage at her home.

“I find the services very good, when I first came home, I couldn’t do anything so the services were great to be able to fill in where I couldn’t manage.”


This has added to her independence, as she can travel knowing that she will wake up feeling good after having a peaceful night’s sleep with her CPAP machine.

But this isn’t all. To increase her independence even further, Marie’s Home Care Package was also able to purchase an All-terrain lightweight mobility scooter. If fits perfectly into the boot of a car, enabling Marie and David to visit the country field days.

How could a Home Care Package assist you in gaining your independence again?

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