Wellbeing and Gardening

“At my old place,” reminisced Bill, “I used to have a beautiful garden. I grew things in tractor or truck tyres.”

Bill wanted a garden again but didn’t think it was possible because he could no longer bend down. He spoke with his Home Care Package coordinator, Tammy. Tammy saw an opportunity to empower Bill and assist him to stay connected with gardening.

She worked with Bill to create waist-high raised garden beds, shaded areas, and an outdoor shelter for propagation. Bill said his new garden has transformed his daily life. “I’m in the garden every day. It keeps me fit; my aches and pains go away. I can focus on the garden and nothing else matters.”

There is energy in his voice when Bill speaks about the growth in his garden, “I have a good variety of crops and grow more than I need.” Bill shares his fresh produce with neighbours and friends. He finds it satisfying to see their enjoyment in the food he’s grown.

Tammy said working with Bill and finding ways to support his wellbeing through gardening has been rewarding, “His smiles speak volumes, and his enthusiasm is inspirational.”