Connection and Community in the Snowtown Bowling Club

Sports clubs are often the heart of our country towns.

If you happened to drop in to the Snowtown Bowling Club after the season opening, you’d see people of all ages sitting around trestle tables, eating lunch. You’d hear animated conversations and laughter. You’d catch the sense of connection.

It isn’t just about the bowls. It’s about the bag of oranges picked from someone’s backyard and left on the table for all to share. It’s about the talk of how they had each other’s back during Covid-19. It’s about creating space for their community.

The Snowtown Bowling Club saw a need to fix a few things in their space. They received a grant from Country Home Services which enabled them to replace their blinds. “We used to hold up the old blinds with pegs,” laughed Venita Rowan. Lynette Welke, the club’s Secretary, said the grant has helped block out the sun’s heat and helped make the room more welcoming, “It’s made such a difference.”

“The club is here for the whole town,” Lynette and Venita agreed, “Small communities like ours need to work together.”

Snowtown Bowling Club might be in a small community, but it’s a club and a community with a big heart.