We understand that sometimes for various reasons, we are unable to drive to those important appointments, do shopping or to visit family and friends.

At Country Home Services we can assist you with a range of transport and social support services.


Our Transport Services may include:

  • Transport to and from local appointments
  • Transport to visit friends and family
  • Transport to your place of worship
  • Transport to meetings, clubs or social groups

Social Support at home

Social Support Services can also help to support you in your own home. If you are unable to leave your home but would like some company and support then our services can help you. Social Support in your own home can be as simple as having a chat over a cup of tea, helping you with your favourite activity or perhaps you would like to learn something new like how to use a computer.


Our Shopping Services help you make your purchases. These may include:

  • Selecting & making your lists
  • Transport to local towns or regional centers.
  • In store assistance
  • Parcel delivery arrangements
  • Special event shopping
  • Shopping online assistance
  • Posting mail or paying bills

Social Support – out into the community

Similar to Transport, Social Support can help you attend your favourite events out in the community when you need a little help or support. This might be in terms of accompanied transport to your favourite social activity or assisted Support to give you some company.