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At Country Home Services we understand the importance of living your retirement your way. Our services, whether they are once off or a package of services, are tailored to suit both yourself and your lifestyle.

As a self-funded retiree you may either be partially eligible or non-eligible to receive funded services, however that doesn't mean you can't receive the same level of care.

If you are over 65, then you may be eligible to receive some services through the funded Commonwealth Home Support Program. This program provides a small amount of support with house cleaning, personal care, social support and home maintenance. To find out more, visit our Commonwealth Home Support Program Page or contact us direct on 1300 773 202.

If you need more support than the Commonwealth Home Support Program can supply, then know that we are able to provide you with a package of services that also include some of our private services from our Choices Plus program to be able to support your journey to suit your lifestyle.


Funding your retirement your way

For many self-funded retirees, you may find that you are not eligible for funded services or maybe you prefer to choose to fund your own journey saving you the need to register with My Aged Care and going through many financial assessments. It is here that Country Home Services can help. With experienced staff we can set up either once off, short-term services or even a package of services through our Choices Plus program. Plus, you have the added bonus of our custom services such as looking after your house and garden while you are away on holiday.


Packaged Services

A packaged Choices Plus Service is a package of services tailored to fit your lifestyle. For example for $150 a week, you will receive 3 hours of services a week.* This might include cleaning bathrooms, washing floors, cleaning the oven, hanging pictures or even pruning roses. The choice is yours and our qualified staff are more than happy to assist you in organizing the services you need.

We have had almost 30 years experience at supporting our country communities in both the funded and private services, so call us today on 1300 773 202 and let us know how we can assist you.

*Conditions apply, call us today for more details


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