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Life changes as we get older, however it doesn’t mean you need to give up the things you love doing. Living an independent life, in the home you love and still doing all the activities that make you smile, is important to you. It is part of who you are.

At Country Home Services we understand this and with a Home Care Package, we can help you to visit loved ones, go shopping or attend your favourite community activity. Most importantly, we understand that having a health concern in any form doesn’t mean things have to stand still. With a Home Care package, we can find a solution that keeps you on your journey.


What is a Home Care Package?

A Home Care Package is a package of services for older Australians that is funded by the Australian Government along with a contribution payment by the consumer. To know if you are eligible for a Home Care Package, you need to be assessed by an Aged Care Assessment Team. To access this assessment you need to contact My Aged Care to discuss your needs.

How much do you receive and what are the charges of a Home Care Package?

In order to understand the income you receive for your Home Care Package and also the fees involved, we have put together a document that explains this further which you can access by clicking here.

So what type of services can I receive in a Home Care Package?

Home Care Packages are a package of services that support your journey. Under this package you have a significant say in the make-up of your package as in what, where and how you want support delivered.

We offer many standard services to help you with everyday living such as:

  • House cleaning
  • Personal care
  • Social support
  • Transport
  • Gardening
  • Home maintenance
  • Home modifications

However, Country Home Services is always on the lookout for unique ways to support your individual journey. For example, some of the unique ways we have been able to support our customers include:

  • Decluttering and sorting of sheds and yards
  • Clean ups
  • Sorting and organizing pantry and linen cupboards
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Transport to visit loved ones
  • Upgrade of essential mobility equipment
  • Support with pet care
  • Support for when you need assistance to build confidence in order to attend your regular activities such as driving, playing sport and attending social functions.


When you join us with a Home Care Package, we will gift you with two free Bonus Vouchers

As a new customer to thank you for choosing us as your Home Care Package Provider, we are gifting you with two free bonus vouchers to use throughout the first year of your Home Care Package. Each voucher is for a once off service and will give you 2 hours of services free of charge, in addition to your regular services. These 2 x 2hr bonus vouchers can be used anyway you would like. For example you could use your vouchers for:

  • Cleaning voucher - Receive a 2 hour spring clean voucher to enable those overdue occasional cleaning jobs to be completed. From your oven to cleaning all your cupboards, the choice is yours.
  • Home maintenance voucher - Choose a 2 hour maintenance voucher and have jobs such as your windows cleaned, smoke alarm checked, gutters cleaned or even your ceiling fans dusted.
  • Gardening voucher - A 2 hour gardening voucher could be used to prune those much love roses or fruit trees or perhaps a general yard tidy.
  • Social support voucher - Is there something you would like to do in the community and would like the support of a contractor? 2 hours of social support could mean transport and company to a special function or perhaps towards an extended shopping trip – very handy for those special occasions.

However you choose to spend your 2 x 2 hour bonus vouchers, know that this is gift from us to you to say thank you for joining us.


How do I know if I am eligible to receive a Home Care Package and what steps do I take next?

Accessing a Home Care Package can feel quite overwhelming at times, which is why our team at Country Home Services want you to know that we are here to help.

You can call us on 1300 773 202 or you can book a free no obligation consultation through leaving your details at this link.

Book a free phone consultation


To assist you, below is a link to a step by step guide that not only explains the process but also provides helpful tips and information on Country Home Services costs and services.

Step by Step Guide to accessing a Home Care Package


After your assessment process, if you wish to choose Country Home Services as your provider, simply contact us once you have received your approval letter, and we can arrange a face to face meeting so that we can show you exactly what we can offer you and what you can receive within your Home Care Package budget. It also gives us an opportunity for us to get to know you and find out what services will truly support you and your lifestyle.

 HCP 190


How is Country Home Services different to other providers?

A Home Care Package offers more choice than ever before. However, how much choice depends on your particular service provider. Country Home Services utilises independent contractors to deliver services rather than employed staff. By using independent contractors, we can access a large variety of qualified service providers while still providing quality peace of mind. Our independent contractors undergo ongoing quality auditing, training and all have a criminal history check. More importantly, they are matched to meet the individual’s needs and shared interests.

Although we cover all the standard house and garden services, where we actually excel is through providing unique services that are important to you.

These services are on a more personal level, such as therapeutic massage, dusting china cabinets, walking your dog or cleaning kitty litter trays, cleaning and reorganizing sheds, reorganizing craft rooms or even sugar soaping walls.

We also support the upgrade of essential mobility equipment which assists with not only getting safely around the home, but also to give you the confidence in going out and meeting up with friends.

Most importantly, our Home Care Packages are individual suites of services to support your lifestyle. Our purpose is to support your social, physical, emotional, cultural and spiritual needs which means the scope of a Country Home Services Home Care Package is quite exceptional.


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