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Choices Plus Services — simple solutions to home services


Choices Plus is a simple solution to getting a job done whenever you need it.

It is a competitively priced private service that is tailored to suit you and your unique home care needs.

Choices Plus gives you the benefits of choice:

  • with a large variety of services including our custom services, along with the option of a once off service to an ongoing service.
  • with no age restrictions. You can use our service at any stage of your life whether you are pre-retirement or needing home assistance after you have just had a baby. We even provide gift vouchers, a great option for family as a gift.
  • with an organisation that is happy to do all those little jobs that need doing such as hanging a picture or cleaning the ceiling fans.
  • with an organisation that can do all those tough cleaning jobs from ovens to windows and of course gutter cleaning.
  • with return from hospital home support. With services such as personal care and house cleaning, we can help you manage at home with short term care after a hospital visit.
  • with reablement support after illness or injury.

Helping our customers to get back on their feet is something we are passionate about. Take a look at some of our customer stories on our Meet our Community page.


pruningMaking your journey easier with Choices Plus

  • No need for assessments or to go through My Aged Care.
  • Perfect for Self-funded Retirees.
  • No waiting lists. Services can be put in place quickly when you need it most.
  • An excellent support while you are on a waiting list for a Home Care Package.
  • Choices Plus is an excellent option to ‘top up’ services you may be receiving via a government funded program.


As mentioned above, we have a large variety of services that are available as a once off service, short-term or regularly as a weekly, fortnightly or monthly service - it is all your choice.

A Choices Plus service is tailored to suit your needs. So think about all the things you need help with around your home from changing a tap washer, cleaning your windows or perhaps pruning some roses.


Now wouldn’t you like to deal with one organisation that can provide all that?


With a team of very experienced contractors with a large variety of skills, we are able to provide services that suit you. For example, Choices Plus includes a range of services such as:

  • House cleaning: regular, seasonal or once off spring cleans.
  • Lawn mowing, pruning, garden maintenance, yard and shed clean ups.
  • Window and gutter cleaning.
  • Transport, social support or personal care.
  • Home maintenance & home modifications However, it is how we go beyond everyday services with our custom requests that make us different.

For example, some custom requests from customers have included:

  • Providing assistance in re-arranging house furniture.
  • Care for a home and garden while our customers are away.
  • Helping prepare for a special event - we can tidy your garden & home and make it shine.
  • Clean and prepare walls for painting or wall papering.
  • Hanging a farm gate.
  • Building a display shelving for a collection of model planes.

Whatever your needs are we can help. Simply Book a free no obligation consultation or give us a call on 1300 773 202.


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So why choose us? Country Home Services has:


 Experienced staff that know how to tailor services to meet your needs.

A contractor workforce that have current Police Clearances & are constantly updating their training & provide quality services.

 30 years experience in providing services for our Country Communities.



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