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Article picEarlier this year, Doreen joined Country Home Services and we are very happy to support her on her journey. Doreen has an inspiring hobby that we wanted to share with you all and it’s called Potted Memories.
Potted Memories began about 4 years ago when tragically Doreen lost one of her daughters Denise to Lymphoma. Before Denise passed, she gave her mum one of her succulents that she had received as a wedding gift. Doreen who loved succulents planted it in her garden and over the years it produced many ‘babies’. After Denise had passed, Doreen, together with her other daughter Mignon, decided to pot up these ‘babies’ along with other succulents and give them to loved ones for gifts to remember Denise by. After this many people commented that they should go into business and so Potted Memories was born.
Potted Memories turned into a beautiful hobby, with the plants selling at the Gawler Market and the money raised from these sales going to the Leukemia Foundation. In fact, together Doreen and Mignon have raised over $4000 over the last 4 years for the Leukemia Foundation, a foundation that receives no ongoing government funding and relies on the generous support of the community to fund their ‘Vision to cure and Mission to care’.

Over the years, Potted Memories gave Doreen a hobby that keeps her young, provides an opportunity to meet some lovely people at the market, and most of all allows her to enjoy some lovely afternoons with her daughter Mignon where they can share memories of Denise together as they pot up these plants.
Today, Doreen propagates the plants over winter and then before Christmas and Mother’s Day they are potted up beautifully with love to be sold at the Gawler Lions Market. Doreen shared how her hobby was a two-way thing. She gets so much out of it especially the special time with her daughter Mignon and the Leukemia Foundation benefits as well.
To us Potted Memories is inspiring and a beautiful way to honour Doreen’s daughter’s memory, and we are happy to have the opportunity to support Doreen in her everyday life. In regards to the services we provided Doreen, we asked her how Country Home Services supports her and she stated “When I get up, I think about what I don’t have to do today and suffer later. It makes me feel good and the girls are very nice.”

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