Meet Some of Our Country Home Services Community

Malcolm Johncock 1We wanted to share Malcolm’s journey as it has been one of remarkable recovery and hopefully it will inspire others to know that with support, it is possible to regain your health and to return to doing the things you love. 

Malcolm first came to Country Home Services in 2013 on a Transitional Care Package following a tractor accident which almost killed him.  Through this service, we were able to support him at home with home services, trips to his specialist and hydro pool therapy.

Malcolm then transitioned over to a Home Care Package which continued to support his healing journey while still living in his own home. Over the years Malcolm has made a remarkable recovery and has reached many milestones including traveling to America with a vintage car group, volunteering at the Kapunda Museum, and now he is on the journey of fulfilling a dream by updating his wood carving skills so that he can learn how to make a grandfather clock.  

His Home Care Package not only supports him with home services but it continues to support his hydro therapy lessons and now his woodcarving lessons. Malcolm is enjoying the lessons and is currently making an 18 inch mirror frame to further his skills before moving onto the much harder task of a grandfather clock.

When doing this interview Malcolm expressed that he was “very pleased with all of his services,” and all of us at Country Home Services are looking forward to seeing him reach his dream of building a grandfather clock.

Picture: Malcolm showing off some of his wood carving skills


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