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Ian and Ashley 1

Ian's story is told below by his carer Julie. It shows clearly how a simple service that connects us back to what we love doing, really does have a powerful impact on our wellbeing.

"Would just like to let you know how grateful we are that Country Home Services has provided such a pleasant and caring chap to take my friend golfing. Ian as you know has played sport most of his life and really loves his golf and not being able to play was impacting on his general well being. The only way he could enjoy it was on late night TV and if he missed it, he would be quite upset. Now he really looks forward to his fortnightly game. He can be grumpy or a bit down in the dumps but Ashley brings him back laughing and joking.

Since the onset of Dementia he has no male companionship as most of his friends are either in care, passed on or interstate which I felt was rather isolating for him as I am not only his carer but his only social contact. I hope with the success of this regular activity I will be able to encourage him to participate in organised outings where he will be able to mix with other blokes, which he is reluctant to do at the moment because he is aware that he is not the man he once was.

I know that when I enquired if it was posssible for someone to take him golfing it was not something that had been done before but your people persevered and came up with a real winner in Ashley. The positive impact it has had on Ian is wonderful and I am so grateful that your organisation cared enough to find someone who could improve Ian's quality of life.
Once again Thankyou so much, Sincerely, Julie"


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