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Annie met with two significant life events in a really short space of time, the death of her life partner and her twin sister. These losses were made all the more impactful as Annie was a carer for both her partner and sister. She developed depression, anxiety and agoraphobia.

Having connected with Country Home Services, Annie chose supports that included assistance with attending appointments, regular house cleaning and the odd shopping trip. Three months into the service, Annie reported that she was starting to feel better and able to do more things. She felt encouraged to get out and about and part of that was due to the friendship offered by her ‘bright and cheerful’ contractor.

When her contractor went on leave, Annie chose not to receive a replacement service and within a year she decided to cease all services. She did this as she had re-connected with the things that mattered the most and no longer required the support. Looking back at that time, Annie said “…it was a real load off my mind, knowing that the work could be done when I couldn’t do it”


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