Meet Some of Our Country Home Services Community

Margaret BrysonMargaret is an 84 year old widow living in a lovely area in Yorketown on the Yorke Peninsula. She is an active member of the Warooka Garden Club where she has been attending since 1998. “I also enjoy going to a Carers Group Lunch at the Edithburgh Bowls Club each fortnight. On the day as well as enjoying lunch with friends, we play cards, board games and Bingo.”

When asked what her interests are, Margaret’s reply was “I read a lot. I love watching documentaries on T.V and reading the local newspapers to keep up with events happening in my community. I have a keen interest in plants but am not able to do so much gardening myself now.” And what makes Margaret happy? “Having a good day and feeling well makes me happy. Having a clear head makes you feel better and makes me feel good about what is going on around me.”

Margaret also spoke of Country Home Services “Country Home Services came into my life when my husband was alive. They provided help for him at that stage. Due to my 24 hour per day caring role for my husband, my health became debilitated. I did not drive so used to ride my bike to get the shopping and rush back home as did not like to leave my husband home alone. Country Home Services then provided help for me- someone to take me out shopping and help me with the housework. That helped a lot. My husband eventually went into a nursing home. He passed away about 4 years ago. I now have a Home Care Package through Country Home Services and at nearly 85, I feel I am really being looked after. I would advise anyone in my position to get a Home Care Package.”

And her favourite thing is about being a Country Home Services Customer?
“I am fortunate enough to have had the same Country Home Services worker for 9 years. She is not just a home help and social support, she is a friend.”


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