Meet Some of Our Country Home Services Community

Mary ThieleMary was born in 1927 and grew up in the Edithburgh area where she has lived for most of her life with the exception of a couple of breaks living in Adelaide. Mary and her husband bought a farm which they called Black Hope Ranch and enjoyed the farming life with all the usual farm animals, horses, motorbikes etc. She has raised 8 children, 27 grandchildren, 32 great grandchildren and one great great grandchild.

Mary now lives in Edithburgh which she says is a wonderful place to live, people are extremely friendly and supportive of each other. Mary is very involved in the local community where she is a member of the local museum, President of St. Vincent De Paul and an active supporter of the Catholic Church.

Mary commented that “The local priest initiated and commenced an Ecumenical group, where other religious denominations get together regularly, having a united church service and where members cook a good spread for lunch. This has enabled us to meet and socialise with other people of the town. I am also involved in a friendship group, we meet regularly, and we invite new people to the area to join so that they are not isolated and we have a wonderful time.”

Mary enjoys cooking and loves card games, particularly Bridge and Rummy. “I like people. I am very rarely unhappy, I maintain a positive outlook on life and the hurdles that come with it. I will never be lonely, when you are involved in the community, you are never lonely” said Mary.

Mary has been with Country Home Services for 4 years and states
“I was very independent before this time and attempted to carry out tasks, but there comes a time when you accept help. I am so glad that a friend mentioned Country Home Services. I can’t speak highly enough of Country Home Services, the friendly, professional staff and the Contractors. I would recommend Country Home Services to anyone who requires assistance in the home.”


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