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We would like to share with you Gordon's story, as it demonstrates not only how easy it is for life to get on top of you, but also how we can assist you in gaining your life back.

Gordon had worked hard on the farm during his life and now that he is older, all his hard work has taken its toll on his physical body resulting in illness, and recently, he spent time in hospital when his lung had collapsed.

Like so many older Australians living at home who experience an illness like this, keeping the home clean and tidy can become too much and clutter can begin to appear around the house. Gordon commented that “It all piled up behind me and became too much for me to deal with.”


Gordon had received some home maintenance services from us previously and since it had been a while, our advisor Lauren had given Gordon a courtesy call to see if we could help with anything. As it turns out, Gordon had been seeking help for a big clean-up of his home and after approaching another agency and failing to secure an agreeable outcome. Gordon was very happy Lauren had called and could assist him.

Lauren discussed with him how we could best support him in a way that will suit Gordon, and here Gordon expressed that he really needed help with a couple of big clean ups so that he could get on top of things. So the first thing we organised, was to provide a couple of clean up jobs in which our contractor Graham was happy to help with. Furthermore we were able to put this in place within a week, which was a big relief to Graham.

In choosing to have a couple of big clean ups in the beginning, Gordon could start to feel better about his home. Here are some of the comments Gordon had to say:

“Graham came last week and he worked like a Trojan. We both got so much done in the time and I am feeling great about the progress. I know there is still a lot to go, but what a start. I am so grateful again that you happen to ring me that day and since then, I have felt better and I am looking forward. I'm hoping that with another couple of clean ups, I might be ready then to have someone come regularly to clean and keep things on track. It is a wonderful feeling that this has started, as I didn’t know where to turn or where to start. Lauren you are a gem and honestly, this has been the best.”

“In fact, everyone I have dealt with at Country Home Services has been wonderful including (our contractor) Craig who comes once a year to clean up the yard.”

Since this story was written, Gordon had contacted us as he wished to add the following:

“Graham has since returned for a second clean up and I am delighted to report a Job Completed. I cannot express the relief of this weight being lifted from my shoulders! Thank you Lauren, Graham and all at Country Home Services. Got my life back!”


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