Meet Some of Our Country Home Services Community

Betty Oehme Technology can be an amazing thing especially when it helps our clients connect to their loved ones. Recently I had the pleasure of speaking to one of our clients Betty, who at 91 shared with us the delight of using a digital tablet to connect with her family, thanks to the help of Leonie, one of our contractor support workers.

Leonie taught Betty how to use her tablet so that she could face time her family and she began with face timing her daughter in Melbourne. Leonie shared with us that it was so beautiful when Betty became a little teary with seeing and being able to speak to her daughter live over the tablet and when her daughter saw her crying, she started becoming a little teary too.

Now Betty ‘facetimes’ her family and was also recently surprised when her 12 year old great granddaughter in Bendigo used messenger to contact her too. 


The use of technology isn’t the only thing that keeps Betty’s spirit up. She has a lovely caviller dog that follows her everywhere, keeping her company and she is very appreciative of her services from Country Home Services, especially of her contractor Leonie. In Betty’s words:

“I have two daughters and one son who lives a bit over an hour away and if it wasn’t for what Jennifer and Kerry do and the help of Country Home Services, I would not be able to live here by myself.”

“I just wanted to thank you, it’s so important to have these services. The things that Leonie helps me with I don’t know how I would manage without it. One of my daughters lives in Melbourne and Leonie (her contractor) showed me how to use my tablet to talk to my daughter. I just wanted you to know I am learning new things at 91 years of age and the big difference that your services have made to me and I feel blessed.”


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