Meet Some of Our Country Home Services Community

Like most of us, Janice and David love their garden. It is an interest to both of them and as such it gives them something to talk about as they both love plants. However when David began being affected by Parkinson’s disease, managing the garden became difficult for them both. So Country Home Services have helped them both but supplying Home Maintenance Services for them once a month, which hasn’t just helped their garden but their overall wellbeing as well.

As Janice explains “Beforehand David would see the grass getting longer and he would want to go out to trim the grass but our mower was difficult to push especially with David’s movement issues and it became such a negative experience but all that has changed now. David looks out over the lawn and comments how they did such a wonderful job.”


The Home maintenance service does more than help with the garden, they clean gutters, change light globes and have helped to clean windows. They take care of the bigger jobs that often hold some risk for our customers and their carer’s to do.

Janice is the carer for her husband David and she explains just how important David’s service is to her role - “As a carer, when it comes to jobs around the home, there are things you could do but with some jobs you can put yourself at risk and as a carer if you have an accident then you can’t support your loved ones.”

“It takes the stress off those bigger chores that I would have to struggle to do and it turns what is a negative frustrated experience to an enjoyable one. “

“As a carer I also don’t experience much social contact so when Leanne and Darren arrive I go out and have a chat and rake up some leaves. They help create such a positive outcome in the role of a carer, giving both David and I some social contact.”


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