To celebrate our 30th Birthday, we thought of no better way to do it than to honour our customer's journey. So we gathered together some of our amazing customers for a special photo shoot and recorded their stories so that we can share them within our special 30th Birthday magazine. The day was full of laughs and good conversation and here is some of the photos of the day..

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birthday cake collageThis year, Country Home Services turned 30 and to celebrate we held three special birthday events during the first week of October. The week began with a celebration in Nuriootpa, followed by Clare and then Kadina. Each celebration gave us the opportunity to connect with our local community including some fantastic conversations and connections with our own customers in each region. 

Meaningful Australia carers  

This is a fantastic 1.5 minute video from Meaningful Australia and is a special message for personal carers, who are the heart of the aged care system in Australia. It introduces them to the idea that their role is contributing to each person's spiritual wellbeing.

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This Friday is 'White Ribbon Night' where White Ribbon has encouraged the public to organise an event and promote awareness of this cause and quite simply #GetTheWordOut!

‘Country Home Services is proud to be a supporter of White Ribbon, and importantly being a partner of the social change movement – we all need to be leaders in supporting this change..Quite simply we (CHS) do not tolerate any form of violence against women and are committed to contributing towards building a future free from violence and abuse. Men need to have a role in preventing violence against women and children. To stop this unnecessary violence men must be engaged in the prevention process. We encourage you all to play a part in supporting the White Ribbon cause which will contribute to a better community. ' Craig Stanbridge

Welcome to the first edition of our Valley to Coast Update

Valley to Coast Updates are a special edition newsletter that connects us to our customers, contractors and our community in order for you to see what we are doing on a monthly basis from special events, presentations to the latest updates within the Aged Care industry. 

You can download the first edition here Valley to Coast - edition 1

Information from these updates will also feature in our webpage's newsletter, to join up to this newsletter, simply click on the newsletter tab in the footer of our webpage.


From today, the 1st of July 2019, the Australian Government has introduced a new Charter of Aged Care Rights. This will replace the current charters of aged care rights and responsibilities and it will make it easier for aged care consumers and their families and carers to understand what they can expect from an aged care service provider, regardless of whether they are in residential care or receiving care in the home. The Charter gives consumers choice with their care and recognises their right to be treated with respect through acknowledging, valuing and supporting their identity, culture and diversity.

The new charter is clearly marked out in this booklet which you can receive by clicking here - the New Charter of Rights Booklet

There is also a helpful video below that will explain the New Charter of Rights further:

Charter of Rights

As from today, the Australian Government has set some new Aged Care Quality Standards that clearly define what good care should look like. 

The new Standards make it easier to check that people are receiving the good care they need. Good care is not about your provider 'ticking boxes'. It’s about them caring for you and your individual needs.

To explain this further, the government has introduced a fantastic video which you can access by clicking on the picture below:

Helpful Video - What the new age care standards mean for you. 

New Age Care standards

Each Standard says what you, the consumer, can expect. Your aged care provider has to meet an “outcome” for you and they have to demonstrate how they are meeting that outcome. 


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