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At the recent Excellence in Public Health Awards, the Ageing in Style Expo was the Regional Winner. Country Home Services is on the committee for the Ageing in Style Expo Regional Roadshow and we have participated in the expo's for many years. This Roadshow, under the direction of Deb Anderson (Collaborative Project Officer), is a joint project between the Barossa Council, Light Regional Council, Town of Gawler & Adelaide Plains Council.  

As mentioned on the SA Health Webpage "The Ageing in Style (AIS) Expo improved access to up-to-date information about services and supports, including negotiating appropriate levels of care based on residents’ individual needs, and supporting them to stay independent, remain in their own home and stay connected to family and community rather than in residential care. Input from various stakeholders ensured region-specific content at each AIS Expo, supporting the promotion of services support and activities offered by local businesses, community groups and clubs. The format of the AIS Expo was designed to ensure that information was taken to the people, even to smaller towns across the region, rather than holding one AIS Expo and expecting seniors to travel in from areas where there are limited public transport services."

We are proud to be a part of this project as it has been an excellent way to connect with our regional communities. The next expo to happen will be the Ageing in Style Expo in Gawler which is on May the 11th and its joining forces with the disability expo so it will be quite an event. If you live in Gawler then please come down to the Gawler Sport and Community Centre to say hello. It is free event.


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