Combined Mallala Probus Club small picYesterday our Presenter Tammy Judd went out to give a presentation to the Combined Probus of Mallala, which is an amazing group that meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Presentations such as these gives us an opportunity to share not only what Country Home Services does but also a chance to explain just how we can help people through the services we provide. Tammy also explained the type of funded services that are available including Home Care Packages along with how My Aged Care works and how to access My Aged Care in order to obtain funded services. We also share just how flexible we are in providing services and that we really can help you to maintain the lifestyle you love.


Presentations like these also give our community the chance to ask the questions they would like to know. Examples of the questions Tammy was able to discuss with the group included where do we source our workers (always local), how many hours are available on a home care package? and how to have safety rails installed? There were many more questions and discussions about both the private and funded services that we offer and if you are part of a community group that would like a presentation then do let us know. Also if you have some questions that you would like answered privately then phone us on 1300 773 202

Picture from left - Terry Halford (President of the Combined Mallala Probus Club) Tammy Judd and Lorraine Earl (Guest Speaker Coordinator)


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