Plains Producer Seniors photo feb 17 C

This week some of our Clare staff was featured in the Plains Producer Newspaper, our article is below.

Your Journey is important to us.

Life changes as we get older however it doesn’t mean you need to give up the things you love doing. Living an independent life, in the home you love and still doing all the activities that make you smile, is important to who you are and therefore important to us.

At Country Home services we understand the value of living your life your way regardless of any changes that have occurred in your life. We support our customers through funded and private services in a way that complements your independence and keeps you connected to the community you love.

Our Advisors place you in the centre of any decision making because they want to understand what will support you the most. You may just need a little bit of cleaning or home maintenance in order to keep things in balance. Or you may be looking for a package of services to support your lifestyle or to get you back on your feet because having a health concern in any form doesn’t mean things have to stand still. So no matter what you need to keep you moving forward on your journey, give us a call on 1300 773 202, and we can find a solution that keeps you smiling.


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