Margaret_Hier.jpgOur client Margaret is a lovely lady who has amazing support from her worker, Debra. Margaret has been with us for 18 months now and had requested our services as she needed assistance with house cleaning due to her constant pain as a result of her fibromyalgia.

Like so many of our workers, Debra is more than just a cleaner. Margaret shared with us that Debra works hard and is an “absolute gem of a cleaner” and at the end of the shift, she still makes time to sit down to have lunch and a friendly conversation with Margaret.

Margaret said, “You can’t keep going without some sort of food so I like to provide her with some lunch and I understand the hard work that she does as I have done that job in the past.”

“Over lunch, we enjoy having a chat. If there is something that she thinks I might need then she reports it to the office to help me out and sometimes our conversation also picks her up when she needs it. Our relationship works both ways and I feel we are becoming friends. She is also so full of wisdom on how to fix or go about things. There have been things where I haven’t known what to do and she will just suggest a solution that we haven’t even thought of. She has a different way of looking at things that I have valued.”

Margaret and her husband have only recently moved to Kapunda about 19 months ago from Victoria as they were originally from SA. Moving is never the easiest thing to do at any age, and unfortunately, after getting settled, the house they were renting was sold and they had to move again. This time we were able to help with the exit clean which helped to take some of the stress out of moving and once again Debra was a great support to them both in this process.



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