We are thrilled to announce that our CEO, Ashley, has been selected as a member of the Inaugural Local Jobs and Skills Taskforce Mid North. We are proud and excited to develop and implement strategies that will benefit our community. Congratulations Ashley.

Here is their recent press release:

Inaugural Local Jobs and Skills Taskforce Mid North, SA establishedInaugural Local Jobs and Skills Taskforce Mid North, SA established.

The Mid North region has announced a new Taskforce to develop and deliver solutions to support local employment and to help resolve current and emerging workforce challenges in the region.

The Local Jobs and Skills Taskforce is a key element of the Local Jobs Program, part of the Australian Government’s economic response to COVID-19, and was recently expanded to all 51 employment regions across Australia and extended until June 2025. The Mid North employment region is one of the new regions in South Australia that commenced on July 1, 2021. The Taskforce comprises of 10 voluntary members with representation from local stakeholders such as employers, higher education, training providers, employment service providers and local government.

The Taskforce, chaired by the region’s Employment Facilitator Lisa Brock, will play a key role in driving solutions that will maximise employment outcomes for local people, and assist employers in addressing workforce challenges facing local industry and the region.

“We know that solutions that are designed and developed at the local level are more likely to produce better outcomes given they are responsive to the unique needs of our local employers and job seekers,” says Ms Brock. “The Taskforce brings together a broad and diverse group of passionate leaders who understand how important it is to develop our local workforce pipeline and ensure that our region has the workers to meet the current and emerging needs of industry which underpins our economic growth and prosperity.”

Taskforce members bring experience in upskilling, reskilling and local economic development as well as an ability to represent, connect and collaborate with others in the region. Chief Executive Officer of Country Home Services Ashley Clarence has been announced as one of the inaugural Taskforce members. Country Home Services provides in-home aged care supports to around 1800 people in the Mid North, in a sector that continues to experience strong demand for workers and challenges in attracting right fit workers to support our ageing population.

Mr Clarence recognises that “a key priority for us is to enable people to age in place in their homes and community. To allow them to do this a skilled local workforce is crucial. To be able to offer high quality services across our region, and developing our local people to gain employment and a lifelong career within their own community is a key priority for our business.I’m excited to be able to contribute to ideas and solutions that will help improve outcomes for local people in training and work, and work with the Taskforce members to make a positive difference to the lives of local people.”

The Taskforce will support the implementation of the Mid North Local Jobs Plan, a fundamental tool that identifies key employment and training priorities and provides a framework for driving employment outcomes in the context of the local labour market.

The Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment called for Taskforce nominations to be submitted by Tuesday 17th August 2021 and received a strong response from the Mid North, reinforcing the commitment from regional stakeholders in working collaboratively to address employment challenges and opportunities. The first meeting of the Taskforce will be held in the next month, and will coincide with the release of the Local Recovery Fund, a Commonwealth initiative which provides funding for projects that support job seekers into work.


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