Ashley at Wallys house web imageRecently our new CEO, Ashley Clarence went out with one of our contractors (also called Ashley) to find out exactly what we do to support our clients. However it wasn't just a typical visit, instead he rolled up his sleeves and did some hard work together with our contractor Ashley. Infact Wally, our client that you see with Ashley in the picture, told me that he had them both working hard and found many jobs for them to do. Plus he also commented "I was very happy with what they both did and it was quite a good job." "I would be happy to have Ashley back to do some more work in the future."

Ashley is planning some more visits with our contractors over the next couple of months which no doubt the clients will love the extra help and we will keep you all up to date.


A big thankyou to our contractor Ashley who showed our CEO the ropes and also let us know that "It was nice to see a CEO not afraid to get his hands dirty and he also noticed a couple of potential safety hazards, well done’

Below are some more photos of Ashley hard at work. 

Ashley at Wallys house web image 1  Ashley at Wallys house web image 2  Ashley at Wallys house web image 3


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