Our May Newsletter has just been released which has our latest information on our services and our organisation.

TammyOne of the top articles that is featured is that we are trialling a new role at Country Home Services - the Home Care Package (HCP) Enquiry Advisor. Tammy (pictured) can assist anyone who wishes to know more about Home Care Packages, including advising you on how you can make the most of your Home Care Package and letting you know the measures you should have in place to ensure an easy transfer when you receive your notification.

Based in Nuriootpa and a regular holiday maker to the Yorke Peninsula and Clare Valley, Tammy has worked in the Veteran’s Home Care, CHSP and the HCP program so has an in-depth knowledge of how everything fits together. Tammy has also provided in-home support as a contractor so has experience with what it feels like to deliver services and what it means to customers.


To access May's Newsletter to read more, please follow this link  - May Valley to Coast Newsletter


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