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This Friday is 'White Ribbon Night' where White Ribbon has encouraged the public to organise an event and promote awareness of this cause and quite simply #GetTheWordOut!

‘Country Home Services is proud to be a supporter of White Ribbon, and importantly being a partner of the social change movement – we all need to be leaders in supporting this change..Quite simply we (CHS) do not tolerate any form of violence against women and are committed to contributing towards building a future free from violence and abuse. Men need to have a role in preventing violence against women and children. To stop this unnecessary violence men must be engaged in the prevention process. We encourage you all to play a part in supporting the White Ribbon cause which will contribute to a better community. ' Craig Stanbridge


You will see our CEO Craig Stanbridge in the picture wearing a white ribbon to symbolise this event, and White Ribbon are asking people to wear white on the day and then tag themselves through social media with the tagling #GetTheWordOut! 

To find out more about White Ribbon night then visit https://events.whiteribbon.org.au/event/view/whiteribbonnight2019


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