Vision Australia Radio

This week our CEO Ashley, and Kalie, Manager Mission & Strategy, caught up with Catherine at Vision Australia to explore opportunities to work together. Catherine manages the volunteer radio station for Vision Australia. They broadcast across South Australia and Northern Territory, and several of their programs are also rebroadcasted nationally. They have a national audience of around 800,000 listeners. The work we saw in action was the preparation of program material from SA newspapers and mainstream magazines. The presenters prepare their own programs by reviewing daily newspapers and identifying articles of interest to their listeners. They then prepare scripts and do live reads on the radio. They have technicians to filter and edit voices and segments, and it’s all a really interesting process.

Connecting with organisations like Vision Australia is so valuable in further supporting our communities. We are looking forward to seeing what exciting ideas develop that could result in benefiting our clients along with the country communities they live in.

The photo above: Ashley and Kalie had the opportunity to try out the sound equipment while recording a couple of client stories. The sound technician then worked her magic to make them sound just like professional radio presenters. 

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